Andy Jenkins - Internet Marketing

Andy Jenkins - Internet Marketing

Video is a hot marketing strategy these days and if you haven't jumped on board with this concept, you should. Here are some statistics that just might amaze you. On YouTube alone, viewers are uploading over 48 hours of video every minute. That's an increase of 37% over the last six months and a whopping 100% increase over the last year.

Andy Jenkins

Using video in your marketing strategy could represent a huge increase in traffic to your business. If that's the case why are some so hesitant to incorporate video into their overall plan of action? One could probably come up with a bunch of reasons but my guess is the following two are the biggest.

First, it's typical to have a fear of being in front of a camera, and for the record that's easily dealt with. Second, like most aspects of setting up an internet or network marketing campaign people often fail to move forward because there is just to much information out there. It gets very confusing to know how to proceed at times.

Here's an easy answer to the first problem, make a power point presentation and do a voice over. It can still be submitted as a video and you don't spend one minute in front of a camera. The second problem isn't so easy to overcome but with a little research it's not difficult to find a system that's appropriate for you and your business needs.

If you're serious about advancing your business using video in your marketing strategy it would be in your best interest to look into Andy Jenkin's The Video Boss Private Coaching Program. Andy has an extensive set of credentials including but not limited to over 18 years experience and 4 years of premium education in the video creating field. He isn't hesitant at all to tell you he eats, sleeps and breaths video. If you have a question he can answer it. There are three things I really like about Andy Jenkins, first he's not one of those guru's that dangles the carrot and always keeps you coming back for more. Second his program is an all inclusive one time sell, no hidden costs, no upsells. I'll let you in on the third and most important reason I like this guy near the end.

The Video Boss Private Coaching Program marketing strategy consists of five instructional modules and includes three bonus modules as well. Here is some of what's covered in the course. A complete nuts and bolts guide intended to get you making videos that work. You get to look over Andy's shoulder to see what and why he does what he does so there's no confusion. If live video is for you you'll learn everything needed to get you to lights, camera, action. You'll also learn how to put it all together, the movie, graphics, sound, and anything else relevant to your project the right way. The last module guides you through video distribution, ranking, back links, and all things marketing to promote you work.

The bonus material includes a time line of how he started to how he got to where he's at today. You'll also learn how to create your own information products and how to use advanced techniques such as green screen and music composition and more.

The modules are delivered one per week to give the consumer time to digest the material as opposed to just dumping it all in your lap at once. All in all you'll receive nine modules in nine weeks. In addition consumers receive six months of new content, new training and regular access to Q & A sessions.

This marketing strategy comes with a 100% money back guarantee, get the first 4 modules in 4 weeks and if this isn't for you request your refund. There are a couple of payment plans offered, a one time cost or 6 monthly payments.

And finally here's the third reason why I like Andy Jenkins and the The Video Boss Private Coaching Program. Unlike most other product launchers he comes right out and states "if you have to go into debt to buy this, this might not be the right program for you". How refreshing is that? He goes on to say "get your finances in order then look me up if you're still interested".

Andy Jenkins

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